Code of Conduct


The executive committee of Belvedere believe it is important that all involved with the club such as players, parents, managers, friends, staekholders etc are aware of and understand the key principles and values that underpin the running of our club. Accordingly this Code of Conduct contains key documents such as our constitution and outlines some of the key policies and practices that are fundamental to how we believe Belvedere Football Club should be run. Important values such as respect, fairness, honesty and work ethic are essential components of the constitution and the respective codes of conduct for different types of members. We try to always act according to these values. Belvedere Football Club is a democratic club that is effectively run by the people who do the work, managers / coaches and committee members. It is important to note too that the huge proportion of this work is done on a voluntary basis. Our club has had much success over the years producing good players and coaches that have won many honours while with the club and subsequently in their adult careers. We hope for continued success in the future by holding on to and practicing the values in our constitution and codes of conduct. 

Fergus McCabe 

Chairman, Belvedere Football Club

January 2016 

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