Guidance to Promote Good Practice

The following guidelines are suggested to Managers / Coaches in an attempt to reduce situations which could lead to the abuse of children as well as attempting to protect those who are working with children and young people. 

Always try to work with children and young people in the open and public view. 

With very young children, where possible, try to encourage parents to take responsibility for their children in changing rooms.

It is possible that a Manager / Coach might have to help young children with changing clothes. Such tasks should only be carried out after discussion and consent of the player and parents.

Always ensure Managers / Coaches work in pairs when children have to be supervised in dressing trooms. 

Always try to develop a climate which discourages the criticising of those who are seen as having less ability.

Always try to take steps to challenge bullying and always listen to complaints from team members who feel that they are being bullied.

Managers / Coaches should always try to avoid taking a child / young person alone in a car unless with prior agreeement of the child's parent.

It is advisable that Mangers / Coaches identify who will be collecting a child / young person following a match or trianing session

Managers / Coaches should take steps to know who will care for a child / young person if their parents are not at home when the child is returned home from a match or training session 


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