1. The NAME of the club shall be 'Belvedere Football Club'

2. The AIM of the club is to improve the moral, social and physical welfare of the young people under its care, mainly through the promotion of Association Footbal

3. The MEMBERSHIP of the club shall be open to all young people and to others when their membership is considered of benefit to themselves and the club.

                There are 4 types of membership:

  • PLAYER MEMBERS; These are the young people who are registered as players by the club with the leagues and in the competitions the club teams play in. This membership will cease when a player registers with another club or requests his membership to cease or when they reach the age when they are no longer eligible for the club's underage teams. This class of membership has no voting powers
  • ACTIVE MEMBERS; These are the duly elected managers / coaches of club teams and the duly elected officers of the club and anyone else, deemed suitable and appropriate and likely to benefit the club by their involvement, elected on to the general committee at the A.G.M. 
  • TEMPORARY MEMBERS; These are people, for example parents, club supporters etc who request or are invited to take part in club activities such as fund-raising events, trips away etc. THis class of membership has no voting powers.
  • HONORARY MEMBERS; managers or general committee members who leave the club or other people who have been benefactors of the club may become honorary members if they are elected by a simple majority of the general committee. This class of membership has no voting powers. 

4. MANAGEMENT of the club shall be in the hands of a General Committee which shall consist of the elected managers / coaches of the club teams, plus elected officers. This committee shall elect an ecexutive to look after the day-to-day affairs of the club and shall have the power to co-opt on to the General Committee individuals who will be of benefit to the club.

5. THE GENERAL COMITTEE shall meet 4 times a year at least. If a written request for a meeting signed by 50% of the General Committee is given to the Hon. Secretary, an extraordinary meeting can be held. Seven days notice is required in this event. 

6. All club OFFICERS and MANAGERS / COACHES shall be elected at the A.G.M. In exceptional circumstances and urgent situations an officer or manager / coach may be elected at an ordinary general committee meeting.

7. Any Manager / Coach or Officer who is judged to be breaking the club's Rules / Code of Conduct, or is otherwise found to be unsuitable can be removed from their position by the General Committee after a formal resolution to that effect is proposed by the executive.

8. A QUOROM for a General Meeting shall consist of at least one manager / coach from 50% of the teams 

9. The FUNDS of the club and the equipment supplied by the club are at all times the property of the club and must be surrendered if required by the General Committee

10. The VOTES at both Executive and General Committee Meetings shall be decided by a simple majority and shall be by secret ballot if more than one member requests

11. In the case of a tied vote the chairperson has the casting vote. 

12. Any changes to this constiution require the consent of two thirds of the General Committee 


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