Code of Conduct for Managers / Coaches / Assistants

Belvedere FC

Code Of Conduct


  1. Managers/Coaches/Assistants must show respect for all Players and Officials and lead by example
  2. Managers/Coaches/Assistants must agree to abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct and sign a contract to that effect
  3. Managers/Coaches/Assistants must attend all quarterly General Meetings and Club Seminars
  4. Managers/Coaches must be fully prepared for coaching sessions and matches (Including First-Aid, Football Gear etc.)
  5. Managers/Coaches must ensure a safe environment for all learning and development
  6. Managers/Coaches should keep themselves up to date with new ideas/techniques on coaching and development and attend all Club sponsored courses and seminars
  7. Managers/Coaches must encourage each of their players in terms of self-discipline, good behaviour and punctuality
  8. Managers/Coaches must liaise with relevant Director of Coaching, be self-critical and not afraid to seek assistance/support from other Managers/Coaches
  9. Managers/Coaches/Assistants must be familiar with the Belvedere Football Club Child Protection Guidelines and immediately inform the Child Welfare Officer of any incidents in this regard
  10. Managers must liaise with Parents/Guardians and ensure they are aware of the Club’s Code Of Conduct and the Club’s Registration Fees. Any serious incidents involving Parents likely to bring the Club into disrepute must be reported immediately to the Executive
  11. Managers must ensure that all Players are aware of their Code Of Conduct and of the need to pay their Club Registration Fees and any other Subs if appropriate
  12. Managers must ensure that all New Players show/give a valid copy of their Birth Certificate or Passport and/or any other appropriate documentation required by the FAI
  13. Managers/Coaches must ensure that All Players are aware that any kind of bullying or bringing the Club into disrepute via Social Media etc will not be tolerated. 
  14. Managers/Coaches/Assistants must always display High-Standards of behaviour and appearance
  15. Managers must ensure that the correct Club Colours are worn at all times, unless colours clash with opposition.  No “mixing or matching” of home and away sets if colours do not clash
  16. Managers who are “Sent-Off” or who seriously misbehave must appear before the disciplinary committee. NOTE: Persistent offenders will be expelled from the Club
  17. A Manager who knowingly plays an “Over-Age Player” in a competitive match shall be expelled from the Club
  18. All Managers should use social media in a responsible manner and refrain from “Posting” any comments relating to the SFAI,FAI, DDSL, members of those associations or other Clubs. Any inappropriate use of social media will be treated as a serious breach of our Code Of Conduct
  19. Managers will be assessed over the season by the relevant Director Of Coaching. The Executive Committee will make recommendations based on this assessment on the re-appointment to the AGM
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