Code of Conduct for BFC Players

Belvedere FC

Code Of Conduct



  1. Players must always show respect to Team-Mates, Managers/Coaches/Assistants, opponents, officials and members of the public while representing Belvedere FC
  2. Players must agree to abide by the Club’s Code Of Conduct and to pay their registration fees
  3. Players “Sent-Off” or who seriously misbehave must appear before the Club’s disciplinary committee at the earliest possible opportunity. Persistent misbehaviour will result in being expelled from the Club
  4. All New Players must produce a copy of their birth certificate or Passport or any other appropriate documentation required by the FAI to their Team Manager
  5. Players must always turn up on time for matches and training
  6. Players must be willing to learn and improve and be prepared to accept constructive and positive criticism from their Managers/Coaches
  7. Players must always play to win Fairly and be prepared to accept defeat in a sporting manner   
  8. Players must always show full commitment to the Club and pride in their performance
  9. Players must ensure that their “Lifestyle” helps rather than hinders their football
  10. Players must pay their Registration Fees on time and pay any Subs agreed by their Management Team
  11. Players must arrive for training and matches with proper  gear and boots
  12. Players must listen to advice given but always feel welcome to ask questions if at any time they do not understand what the Manager/Coaches are saying
  13. Players must help out with equipment before and after matches and training
  14. Players must let their Managers know, as soon as possible, if they are unavailable for matches or coaching sessions
  15. Bullying and serious Anti-Social behaviour at Matches, Training, Belvedere FC trips or on Social Media will not be tolerated and will be severely dealt with
  16. Any Player who feels they are being bullied should immediately contact their Manage/Coach/Assistant or the Club’s Welfare Officer or any Club Official
  17. Players should never use Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter etc to make comments about other Players, Managers, Teams, Clubs in any that may bring Belvedere FC into disrepute
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