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Additional Rules


  1. All registration of Players must be notified to the League Representative and all receipts pass to him


  1. All expenditure of the Club fines requires the permission of the Executive, General Committee or Club Treasurer


  1. All Managers must try their genuine best to collect all Club registration Fees, Subs and Fund-Raising money etc and return same to Club Treasurer as soon as possible


  1. All overnight trips (Home or Abroad) for any Club Players or Teams must be authorised by the General Committee or by the Executive Committee. Managers / Organisers must abide by all Club rules re: over-night trips which are based on National best practice Child Welfare regulations


  1. If Players are to go away on trial a letter from the Outside Club must be obtained for this Club and for the Players Parent/Guardian


  1. Any Senior Clubs who make contact for Players to go on trial must be put in touch with the person designated by the Committee to look after these matters. They in turn will involve the relevant Team Managers


  1. Players are to play at their own age group where appropriate unless it is in the best interest of the Player and the Club to do otherwise


  1. The use of Players from another Team must be with prior consent of that Teams Manager


  1. Saturday Teams training on Sunday and Sunday Teams training on a Saturday must not take up dressing rooms and leave Teams playing without accommodation. Competitive games get priority


  1. If there is a “Clash” of fixtures on a pitch the Older Team has priority. In the case of two Teams in the same age group then the higher graded Team has priority, or by local agreement


  1. Manages/Coaches must not use bad language at any time when involved with any Club business
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