"Danny Had So Much More To Contribute To Life" - Martin Cooke's Tribute To The Late Danny Kenny

(04 Aug 2017)

By Martin Cooke
















After the tragic passing of former Belvedere Manager and Coach Danny Kenny this week, Belvedere's Martin Cooke has written this tribute.

I was fortunate enough to know Danny on a personal level as we were near neighbours in Marino.

Anytime I met with Danny the conversation was football with Danny asking me about the how the various teams were doing and I would ask him how Jason and Andy were doing. 

In recent years, I met Danny regularly at spinning classes in Ballybough Community Centre. No matter how early I was, Danny and his son Andy had already started and I was at least 10Km behind them.

Danny's sense of competitiveness was still there and try as I might I was always in Danny and Andy's slipstream.

On the way home, we would talk about football and I always liked Danny's take on some aspect or other of football. He had a very calm and astute way of making his point and like his team talks, he didn't need to shout and rant to get his point across.

His brother Tommy a coach, manager and Coaching Director at Belvedere shared Danny's love of football and I have no doubt that their conversations over a pint or cup of tea were 'interesting', to say the least.

Danny's other great love was music and this was a family tradition shared with his two sons and other family members. I would like to express my sincere condolences to his wife Marie, his sons Jason and Danny, their families and Danny's extended family.

Danny had so much more to contribute to life but it's some small consolation to everyone who knew Danny that we shared what we could of his life.

RIP Danny

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